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a #betteragent?


Take a deep breath. Buying a home isn’t as complicated as it looks - as long as you have a solid game plan and agent that’s rooting for you. My goal, as an agent, isn't to (just) sell you a home - it's to help you take that next step with an educated approach. I'm your advocate, your support system, and your resource.

So, here's a great place to start.

the buying process


You've purchased a home, loved it, and find yourself ready to move on.

I'm a big believer that selling a home should be treated as big of a milestone as buying one. We'll find a new owner, of course, but we'll also ensure that it's a seamless transition from home-owner, to home-seller, to home-free.

the selling process


We felt like we were in very good hands with Kolin for our first ever home purchase. We were very nervous at first about navigating the Portland housing market but he helped make the process way less stressful. When it came time for negotiations he was really savvy and transparent about the  process; it was confidence boosting to have him on our team. We were worried that with a limited budget we would have to buy something in an undesirable area but he helped us find a beautiful home in a great neighborhood.

-E & L.

Roseway, Portland

Kolin was an incredible wealth of knowledge for us and made the remote home buying experience enjoyable and stress free. We were buying a home from out of state which we were nervous about, but Kolin helped us quickly narrow in on neighborhoods and what mattered most to us. His knowledge about the  area and ability to quickly assess the pros and cons of a home was unbelievably helpful. And in the process we really got to know the area ourselves and to find some hidden gems. We love our new home and moved right in with no glitches. Couldn't be happier.


Beaumont, Portland

Kolin had described his approach to real estate as a 'concierge' service and he lived up to that standard far beyond our expectations. From the beginning, Kolin was deeply engaged in the process of getting our house prepared for the kind of buyer we were after. In the end, all of the hard work  at the front end of the process paid off in spades as the house sold for over $100K over asking price. In hindsight, without Kolin's deep involvement and attention to detail, we never would have realized this result.


Mount Tabor, Portland



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