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You’ve bought a home, lived in it, loved it...

... And now would like to part ways with a sweet bit of property you called your own. Selling a home sounds easy enough, but once you stop to think about the implications, moving on with your life quickly goes from a piece of cake to one of the most daunting projects imaginable. There are big things to think about, like the financial logistics of moving into the next house without the proceeds of your existing home. And there are the little tactical issues to contend with, such as making repairs and how best to make the home available for showings.  

The Better Seller’s Guide and Roadmap are tools to accompany you on your journey of selling your home. It’s also a reference guide to ensure that your agent is checking all the boxes. A #BetterAgent should advocate for your interests, take time to understand your goals, and support you throughout the process.

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