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Buying or selling a home is a huge decision and often a monumental lifestyle change. It's only fair that you work with an agent that acts as your biggest advocate, support system, and sounding board. An agent that listens carefully and crafts a plan based on where you're at, and where you'd like to go. Someone who will always keep your interests in mind when negotiating, even playing hardball if necessary.

And that, dear reader, is a #BetterAgent.

My path to real estate is untraditional, but interesting. I'm actually the third generation in a family of Real Estate professionals. As a child, I remember eagerly eavesdropping on my father as he negotiated with brokers and vendors. I jumped into real estate right out of college (Tulane in New Orleans) working with commercial real estate in San Francisco. While it sounds glamorous, the love for the work just wasn't there. 

Enter the internet and my lovely wife. Together, we helped grow a tiny start-up into a multi-million dollar entity acquired by a huge multinational consulting company. Thus began a wild period of dream chasing in the form of building and running a handful of award-winning bars while dabbling in consulting, sales, and real estate.

After 10 years, some incredible projects, and a nagging feeling of physical and emotional exhaustion, I did what any multi-hyphenated and creative individual would do with a goal of fostering community... I moved to Portland.

Portland is a city of neighborhoods. Each piece of the city has a unique personality, quirk, and indescribable je ne sais quoi. That’s why it’s such a fascinating environment to find the perfect home for a client.   

When I'm not talking real estate, touring neighborhoods with clients, or sending off paperwork, you'll find me in inner NE Portland with my wife, kiddo, and menagerie of pets. Days off are spent biking around town, exploring our beautiful state, camping, boating, cooking, playing tennis, and sipping cocktails. 

P.S. I’ve pledged to donate a portion of every commission to the Happy Hippie Foundation, which rallies young people to fight injustice toward vulnerable populations nationwide. I hope you consider supporting them as I do!

fun facts about kolin

Fact 01.

Kolin's Favorite Cocktail is the Sharpie Mustache by Chris Elford (formerly of Amor y Amargo in NYC, now based in Seattle)

Fact 02.

Kolin likes to call plays when watching college football. His success rate is mediocre at best.

Fact 03.

Kolin's old bar, Easy, was in Oakland, CA, and was known for Farmer's Market Cocktail Hour on Saturday afternoons.

Fact 04.

Kolin's favorite building? A tie between the Pontalba in New Orleans and the Dakota in New York

Fact 05.

Kolin's favorite homes? Converted barns, firehouses, schools, and churches.

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